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Make sure that you have completed the installation guide before you continue setting up Cozie.

  1. Open Cozie on the iPhone and go to the Settings tab of Cozie (third icon on the bottom).
    Input the participant ID and experiment ID

    • Example:
      • Participant ID: alpha001
      • Experiment ID : alpha

    You are free to choose any id. We usually pick an experiment name for the experiment ID. For the participant ID, we take the experiment ID and add a sequential identifier to the experiment ID.

    Settings tab - experiment id  Settings tab - participant id
  2. Under Experiment Settings in the settings tab, select Question Flows, you can select the type of micro survey.

    Settings page - Question flow  Question flow type
  3. Under Communications and in the settings tab, You can choose also turn on reminders for Cozie to send you a notification to fill up the micro survey. Under the Experiment Settings, you can also choose set the reminder frequency, notification reminder and participation days.

    reminders  reminder frequency Daily participation hours Participation days
  4. While keeping the Cozie application open on your Apple Watch, open the Cozie application on your IPhone. Under Experiment Settings, tap on "Sync settings with watch". If sync is successful, the watch should vibrate and/or you should hear a notification sound. You will see the survey appearing on the watch.

    Sync settings with watch
  1. You can proceed to complete the micro survey on the Apple Watch by opening Cozie on the Apple Watch. You should be able to see the first question of the watch survey. Submit the watch survey by pressing 'submit' after the last question.

    Watch survey, first question Watch survey, submit screen