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ParticipantA person enrolled in an experiment.
ExperimentThe entirety of Cozie usage for a research project. This includes planning, watch survey development, IRB (drafting, submission, approval), testing, debugging, advertising, hardware management, participant management, onboarding, offboarding, data monitoring, data analysis
DeploymentThe use of the Cozie app with a tested watch survey with participants, including data monitoring.
CohortA group of Cozie users
Watch surveySurvey on the Apple Watch. Sometimes also referred to as micro environmental momentary assessment (μEMA)
Micro surveySynonym for watch survey
Question flowThe structure of follow-up questions in a watch survey. It is often a flow chart.
Phone surveyA browser-based survey that can be opened from within the Cozie app
ReminderMessage on the phone that reminds participants to take a watch survey or a phone survey. Reminders look like push notifications.
Push notificationA pop-up notification sent to the Cozie app.
OnboardingThe process of enrolling a participant in an experiment.
OffboardingThe process of removing a participant from an experiment.