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This short guide will explain how to set up and install Cozie on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

  1. Install Cozie from the Apple App Store. Please make sure that your iPhone is running at least iOS 16, watchOS 9, and your Apple Watch is at least Series 3 or newer.

  2. Open Cozie and grant permission for push notifications, health data, and location data. You may grant permission selectiveley according to your interest. Not granting permission will disable some of the functionality of Cozie.

    Notification accept  Health data accept  Health data accept
  3. In the Cozie app, you will see three tabs: the Data tab, Settings tab and Backend tab.

    Data tab  Settings tab  Backend tab
  1. Go to the watch app on your iPhone. Ensure that the Cozie application was successfully installed on your Apple Watch. If it hasn't been installed tab on INSTALL

    Watch app icon  Install Cozie on watch
  1. Open the Cozie application on your Apple Watch. You will be asked to allow Cozie to use your location. Tap on "allow while using app" and access you health data.

    Cozie - allow location  Cozie - allow location  Cozie - allow health
  2. At this point Cozie is not yet operational but ready to be configured. Please proceed to setup guide.