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How to Create a Custom Phone Survey

Phone surveys are more intrusive than watch surveys. However, they allow to ask longer questions and provide a wider range of response options.

We have used phone surveys for End of Week Surveys and End of Day Surveys.

In Cozie, it is possible to create a custom phone survey. A link to any web survey can be entered in the Backend tab. Once, the URL is provided, the phone survey can be opened by pressing the Phone Survey button at the bottom of the Data tab.

Most online survey providers allow you to pre-fill fields. We recommend to pre-fill the information for the participant ID and experiment ID.

How to create a pre-filled Google Forms survey

  1. Create a new survey using Google Forms. We recommend asking for the experiment ID and participant ID in the first two questions. Once, your survey is complete, navigate to the menu with the three dots. Image
  1. In that menu, select Get pre-filled linkImage
  1. Fill out the values for the experiment ID and participant id. In this example, alpha is the experiment ID and alpha01 is the participant ID. Then press the button labelled Get link. Image
  1. You should now have a link similar to this one /d/e/1FAIpQLScEuqlYHOQyM0duWX96auVxqEwSYlRmx3ymAN_leyGcz6idlQ/viewform?usp=pp_url &entry.1137805192=alpha&entry.1075788715=alpha01.

From the example link above, the important part is at the end: &entry.1137805192=alpha&entry.1075788715=alpha01. You can see that the URL parameter entry.1137805192 is for the experiment ID and the URL parameter entry.1075788715 is for the participant ID.

So, you can manually create a phone survey link for all other participants. For example the phone survey link for participant ID alpha02 would be https:// viewform?usp=pp_url&entry.1137805192=alpha&entry.1075788715=alpha02

How to load the phone survey into the Cozie app

  1. Open to the Cozie app and go to the Backend tab. Then, a

  2. Add the URL to the phone survey in the input field labelled Phone Survey Link

    Screenshot backend phone survey configuration  
  3. Go to the Data tab and press the Phone survey button to verify that the phone survey works as expected.

    Screenshot backend phone survey configuration  Screenshot phone survey example