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Getting Started with Cozie

This guide will explain you how to edit the source code of Cozie Apple. Please not that the following documentation applies to the Cozie Release v1.0.0. In the meantime, we've released Cozie Release v2.0.0 which is also availble on the Apple App Store.

What do you need?

  1. Apple computer
  2. Apple developer account
  3. git installed on your computer

Optional but recommended:

  1. One Signal account
  2. Firebase account

To find out more about Cozie please watch the following video.

Steps you will need to follow

  1. Clone Cozie
  2. Project Structure

iOS application - iPhone

  1. iOS App Intro
  2. Home View
  3. Views Start, Sign up, Login
  4. Settings View
  5. Firebase Introduction
  6. Secure Firebase Database
  7. Research Kit
  8. Push Notifications

WatchOS application - Apple Watch

  1. Watch OS Intro
  2. Watch OS Interface Controller
  3. Watch OS Notifications, Complications and Health Store

Distribute application

  1. Validate and Distribute app
  2. Test Flight

Documentation Website

  1. Documentation Website