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  1. Go to the settings tab of Cozie

    Key in the participant and experiment ID assigned to you.
    Participant ID: xxx (experiment ID)
    Experiment ID : xxx (experiment name)

Settings page - experiment idTestflight email invitation

  1. Under Experiment settings in the settings tab, select Question Flows, you can select the type of micro survey.
Settings page - Question flowQuestion flow type

  1. Under Communications and in the settings tab, You can choose also turn on reminders for Cozie to send you a notification to fill up the micro survey. Under the Experiment settings, you can also choose set the reminder frequency , notification reminder and participation days.
remindersreminder frequencyDaily participation timeframeparticipation days

  1. Go to the watch app on your Iphone. Ensure that the Cozie application was successfully installed on your Apple Watch.
watch appInstall cozie on watch
  1. Open the Cozie application on your Apple Watch. You will be asked to allow Cozie to use your location. Tap on "allow while using app" and access you health data
Cozie - allow locationCozie - allow locationCozie - allow health
  1. While keeping the Cozie application open on your Apple Watch, open the Cozie application on your IPhone. Under Experiment settings, tap on "Sync settings with watch". If sync is successful, the watch should vibrate and/or you should hear a notification sound. You will see the survey appearing on the watch.
Sync settings with watch
  1. You can proceed to complete the micro survey on the Apple Watch.

  2. Please also complete a couple of tasks in the iOS application (e.g., consent form and on-boarding survey)